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Custom Fitting for Partial Dentures in Langley

Partial dentures are an economical solution to replace the lost teeth. Different materials are used depending on the needs of each individual. For example, acrylic, metal or thermoplastics may be used in the construction of a partial denture.

Improves chewing ability

Gives you the confidence to smile

Keeps your natural teeth from shifting

Provides a Cost-effective solution

Barbara Punnett is your denturist in Langley. Barbara specializes in providing custom fittings for partial dentures. Get your perfect smile restored with the help of dentures designed for your specific requirements. 

Removable Design 

A partial denture is a removable appliance that should be removed each night. Barbara uses high quality material to ensure the denture looks natural. Request a free consultation today to know which dentures best fit your needs.

Protecting Your Oral Health

Get customized dentures to suit your aesthetic requirements without affecting your oral well-being.

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