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Easy Relines for a Comfortable Fit

Over time, changes will occur to the soft tissue and bone. The process can alter the contour of your gums which will affect the fit of your denture. Dentures should be checked by your denturist to see if the fit and function will be helped with a reline. You can get your denture relines in Langley here with Barbara Punnett.

Is a Reline Right for You?

It is recommended for denture wearers to have their dentures relined every 2-3 years. But when considering a reline, it is better to determine if it is right for you or not. If the existing teeth and acrylic base of your dentures are: 

In good condition, a reline may be the appropriate course of action

Have undergone more wear and damage, a replacement or rebasing would be better

Call Barbara today to find out whether you need a reline.

Improving Your Denture Aesthetics

If you are experiencing discomfort with your dentures, connect with Barbara Punnett for a reline.

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