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Complete Oral Comfort with Soft Liners in Langley

Sometimes denture wearers face discomfort due to resorption of the bone tissue. Soft liners behave like a shock-absorbing cushion to help you wear your dentures with more comfort. They can be applied to new dentures, existing dentures relines, and rebase situations.


With Barbara Punnett, you will be given regular care and maintenance for all your dentures needs. To get soft liners in Langley, book an appointment with Barbara Punnett. 

Reasons Why You Might Consider a Soft Liner

If you cannot find comfort even with adequately fitted dentures, soft liners are your best friend. They can be fine-tuned and readjusted by your denturist regularly. Here is why you should get soft liners:

Best suited for soft and sensitive gums

Relieves pressure from dentures on gums

Slow down gum shrinkage

Works well for sore tissues

Book a consultation with Barbara to know more about soft liners. 

Maximize Your Dental Comfort

Meet with Barbara, your denturist in Langley for soft liners treatment for your oral comfort and well-being.

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